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The majestic El Torcal is pure Jurassic country & a UNESCO world heritage site. The site has been formed over several hundred million years of limestone rock and is the largest karstic complex in the Northern Hemisphere. The presence of man in El Torcal dates back to the Middle Neolithic era with the discovery of the “cave of gold” with also shows the physical presence of Roman & Arab inhabitancies known as the chronicles of El Torcal. The limestone labyrinth supports an impressive array of fossils, wildlife & wild flowers.



With our local guides you will be informed on the history of the Torcal as well as the over 600 species of plants & with an abundance of animals including 11 species of reptiles & bird life in & around the endless paths in this incredible landmark. 



From beginners to the experienced enjoy climbing throughout most of the year in this unique environment. 



Explore some of the 100 plus caves & pot holes surrounding this area with some as much as 200 meters deep.


Spend two days and one night experiencing the full magic of El Torcal. Our guides will show you the hidden spots of this incredible nature reserve and then set up your camp for the evening under the light of the stars and the warmth of a fire. 

All trips to El Torcal include a guide, safety equipment and transport. 

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